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Mission and Philosophy

To provide a quality training environment for U7 and U8 players so they will improve in their technical and tactical abilities.  The program is designed to develop the individual skill of players so that they might be better prepared for the Pride SC select program. It is also our goal to foster an enjoyment and love for the game of soccer so that players will continue to enjoy the game and strive to get better. We will do this by using training methods that will benefit the abilities of the individual player, while also making each training session fun.


Player Rosters and Teams

The PSC Directors and Academy Coaches will determine the number of players chosen in each program during the registration and tryout process.  The number of players selected depends upon the number of players registered for tryouts.  When players are chosen to participate in the Academy they are a member of the program, not one particular team, so they may play with different players throughout the season.  They may also have different coaches throughout the season. 


Coaching and Training

Coaching and training will be overseen by the PSC Directors and Professional Coaching Staff. Volunteer coaches will be selected based on playing experience, coaching experience, coaching license level, personality and other qualities.  PSC staff coaches will train the team a minimum of 7-10 times per season and coach during games when possible.  Volunteer coaches will train and coach during the other training sessions and games if necessary. 


Training and Games

For fall and spring seasons, players will train three times per week for 1 hour and 15 minutes during the three weeks leading up to the regular season.  During the regular game season, teams will usually train twice per week and play 1 game per week, having 3 events per week. Game format will be 4v4 and 7v7.  There will be 8-10 games per season. Teams will also go to one tournament per year with the option to attend additional tournaments at an extra cost. Training sessions will be held in Canal Winchester and regular season games will be played in Canal Winchester and other locations in central Ohio.  The fall season starts mid-August and finishes near the end of October.  The spring season starts mid-March and finishes near the end of May.